Groom Syed Shah Ali Qadri Attari s/o Syed Arif Uddin seeking bride from Karachi


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Father NameSyed Arif Uddin Qadri
Height5ft 7in
EducationOther Education
Marital StatusUnmarried
SectSunni Barelvi
If other write hereانا مرید شیخ طریقت امیر اہلسنت دامت برکاتہیم عالیہ
CitizenshipPakistani Citizen
HouseOwn House
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Contact Email[email protected]

About me

I'm Syed Attari Mureed of Hazrat Allama Molana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri دامت برکاتہیم عالیہ۔۔.My family belonging to Karachi Urdu is the most richest poorest.We have seven siblings, four sisters and three brothers and four sisters and One Elder brother have been married by the grace of اللہ سبحان وتعالی۔ and my Last Little brother reads study.My Mother died in 2008 and my Father is heart patient and his retired from the bank.We have our own personal flat.

Note:Before I had a نکاح on the phone no رخصتی

Rishta / Partner Demand

My wish she Keep religious minds like Loving Attariya and do Shara'ee cover.I have no demand any type of Jhez, According to Sharia,I keep thinking of getting married.

Groom سید شاہ علی قادری عطاری s/o سید عارف الدین قادری seeking Bride from Karachi, Male, Never Married,

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