Groom Jameel Ahmad Malik s/o Abdul Muqsit seeking bride from Rawalpindi


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Father NameMalik Abdul Muqsit
Height5ft 6in
Marital StatusMarried
Children StatusN/A
HouseCompany House
SectSunni Barelvi
EducationBachelors degree
Occupation/Job/BusinessBSc Civil Engineer
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Reason Polygamy Marriage?

Very personal reasons and this can be discussed face to face only.

About me

I am a simple person with simple habits. I am hardworking person and not jealous with anyone. I don't interfere in other family affairs. I am not a suspicious person at all. I also neither drink nor smoke. I daily take bath in all seasons. I fully believe in Allah and also in ones luck. I don't have any major disease till by now with the blessings of almighty Allah.

Rishta / Partner Demand

I want to marry a woman of any age divorced, single or widowed, children or without children who has her own home and financially sound. I am not after her wealth but if I die soon, she can survive easily after my death. I also like that my second wife should share each and everything with me and don't feel shy or hesitate to discuss anything she likes. I am a liberal person and not suspicious person so my second wife should have full freedom to live and go anywhere she likes. I am a caring husband and respect my second wife the way I respect my first wife. It is better that my second wife should herself settle everything with me before marriage and don't involve her parents or any family members. If she is satisfied for the reasons of second marriage, then she is welcome the way my second wife likes.

Groom Jameel Ahmad Malik s/o Abdul Muqsit seeking bride from Rawalpindi, married, Awan,

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