Groom Anjum Raza Attari s/o Ashraf seeking Bride from Saudia Arabia


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Father NameAshraf
Height5ft 10in
Marital StatusMarried
Children StatusLiving with me
HouseOwn House
SectSunni Barelvi
EducationHonors Degree
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Contact Emailusman,
Whatsapp Contact00923114273757

Reason Polygamy Marriage?

Alhamdulillah I am spending very happy life in Saudi Arabia and inshallah my future is bright. I am looking for a widow with kids. I will do simple nikah and will di kifalat of her kids like a father this is for sake of Allah only. I am God fearing person and Inshallah I will try my best to keep justice between both. Alhamdulillah I have good income I can manage. polygamy in islam is liked by shariat , almost all prophets sahaba and most of aulia had more than one wives but unluckily due to influence of hindu culture and due to secular media influence the second marriage has become myth in our society and it is now very easy to have zina but its too difficult to have nikah. we are from dawateislami Alhamdulillah we are striving to reform society as per quran and sunnah so i want to be an example and inshallah i will show the world that having 2 wives in TV drama is very much different from having 2 wives in real. I dam care about what people will say what society will say my intention is clear and I only care what Allah will say.

About me

I am electrical engineer and working on executive position in Saudi Arabia in very good company, earning handsome amount Alhamdulillah. I am 32 years old and look like 27 due to my physique. I am from dawateislami and mureed of Bapa Jani I have beard and i try to spend life in a good way . Alhamdulillah in saudi Arabia we are also conducting weekly ijtimas in our city and madni qaflas. I have my own family house in Islamabad , my father died in 2004 and Mother is alive Alhamdulillah. My 2 brothers are married and living happy life my one sister is living in Australia wih family. I am independent and only visit pakistan once a year.

Rishta / Partner Demand

I am looking for a girl who obey sharai perda and have at least some knowledge of deen. I have no demands i don't need any dowry and don't want any shadi ceremony and other ritual. I will also accept disable girl, divorce or widow i will accept kids. In my city dawateislami sisters are conducting weekly ijtima at 2 3 places so i want a good mubaligha who can do bayan and can teach madrasa tul madina for balighat. Alhamdulillah I visit makkah and madinah almost every month so i need a girl who has strong love for makkah and madinah.

I can support a needy family Alhamdulillah so needy white collar family can contact me for rishta inshallah i will support them like their son.

please feel free to contact for any quarry

Groom Anjum Raza Attari s/o Ashraf seeking Bride from Saudia Arabia,Male,Married,3 kids, looking for Polygamy Marriage.

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July 13, 2018 1:03 am

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